Marldon Tithe Map
Area G West of Marldon and Westerland
Area A North of Compton
Area B West of Compton
Area C Compton and Compton Castle
Area D East of Compton
Area E Marldon Village Area F East of Marldon
Area H Westerland
Area I East of Westerland

The Map is divided into areas bordered in Blue and identified by the Red letters.

The Black areas are localities where dwellings exist.

By clicking on the  Area link at the top of the page Or the appropriate area of the map you can access a database of the Field Numbers,  Names and Owners and Occupiers specific to those Areas.

 Key Includes (a) orchard; (b) barn; (c) coppice/plantation; (d) watering place; (g) garden; (k) kiln; (l) linhay; (n) nursery; (o) outhouse/store/cellar (p) pond; (q) quarry; (r) road; (w) waste; (y) yard; (ap) alder plot